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Master Thatchers Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Quality thatch repairs with fine materials by traditional craftsmen


Thatch Reridging


Reridging is a very necessary part of the life of any thatched roof. It must be carried out as a maintenance task periodically to maximise the life of the main roof. Do feel free to contact us for an appraisal of your roof ridge and will give you an honest opinion as to when it will require repair.

Reridging also allows for a new decorative style to be applied to the roof. The newness of the ridge soon fades and the work done rapidly blends in with the existing thatch.






































Thatch Patching


In an older roof it is possible to discover the occasional leak and this can often be repaired by patching the damaged area.

Such action can help prolong the life of a roof and postpone the need to rethatch for many years.


Vermin Damage to Thatching


Occasionally vermin may have found your home too welcoming and have set up their own home in your roof!

We can repair such damage and provide defences from "rodent squatters" returning.


Improvements to Thatching


We are also experts in rethatching around new windows/fitments and are experts in blending in the new area of a roof with the old.