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There are three major thatching materials; their application is usually to maintain local character and history.

Most thatched properties are listed and must be thatched with the same material as previously used.

Wheat Reed Cox and Roberts The Master Thatchers.jpg

Wheat read derives from the same grain strains as used for long

straw but it differs in the harvesting stage so that the finished

bundle stands 4-5 foot tall and has heads at the top, butts at the

bottom. It gives a smooth and curved finish.

Cox and Roberts The Master Thatchers 11.jpg

Wheat Reed

Long straw is wheat straw grown using older varieties specifically for the thatching industry.

It is drum threshed when harvested and has a more poured appearance on the roof with ornamental hazel spar work around

the eaves to hold them secure.

Long Straw

Water Reed Cox and Roberts The Master Th

Water Reed

This is coarser material which is grown in fen or marshland and stands much taller than straw.


At 5-6 foot, it gives a sharp angular appearance when laid.

All of the materials we use are of high quality and are inspected by ourselves prior to delivery.

We will gladly advise about appropriate choice of materials to suit your specific requirements.

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Wheat straw Cox and Roberts The Mster Thatchers.jpg

Our Services Include

Thatching  // Rethatching  // Thatch Re-ridging  // Thatch Patching  //  Thatch Repair  // Surveys  // Insurance Work  // And much more...

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